Personalized Cord Processing

What Is Personalized Cord Processing?

More and more parents are recognizing the importance of saving their baby’s birth tissue. The regenerative components extracted from the birth tissue can be used to help the baby for the rest of his/her life, in case of injuries and diseases, and can also be used for the baby’s siblings, parents or other relatives. These extracts have also been shown to be an elegant and powerful anti-aging tool.

However, despite the many tissue banks that offer such services, none provides the regenerative extracts at the quality that comes close to Chara Biologics’ patent-pending product CharaCore.

Demand the Absolute Best for your family

Chara has been known for having the most comprehensive and potent regenerative medicine products in the industry, and CharaCore is manufactured by our FDA-registered tissue bank that not only sets the highest standard in the industry, but also is highly innovative in its technologies.

Now we want to offer this processing service to all the parents who want to know that not only they have saved their baby’s cord, but also have the best regenerative medicine products possible extracted from the cord.

What to Expect

Our laboratory will use Chara’s proprietary formula, and produce a CharaCore product that is an exact match to your baby. We will send instructions and a collection kit, and as soon as birth takes place, the birth tissue can be placed in proper packaging and sent to our laboratory overnight, and the laboratory will begin processing as soon as it is received.

Hundreds of cc’s can be extracted and stored at our tissue bank, for you to retrieve and use at any time. You will have the confidence that not only the stem cell product is an exact match to your baby’s, but also it is of the highest quality and potency available in the United States.
Why is Birth Tissue a SUPERIOR source of stem cells?
Because the cells are young and more therapeutically active
secrete more growth factors
more anti-inflammatory
more anti-tumor potentials
more neuroprotective
more angiogenic
(ability to create new blood vessels)