Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Terms of Sale:

Orders must be paid in full before product shipment. Payments may be made via wire transfer, direct bank transfer, or credit card payments.

Terms of product use:

Chara Biologics does NOT make any claims that the products can treat or cure any diseases or medical conditions, and the products are only intended for homologous use. Stem cell therapies utilizing products such as Chara products have not been approved by the US FDA, and are considered experimental in nature.

Product Shipment:

Products are shipped overnight on dry ice. Shipping insurance is included in the flat shipping & handling fee of $150 for any order of 8cc or less. If the products in the shipment are damaged, unusable, or lost as a result of shipping mishaps, Chara Biologics will replace the products free of charge to customers. Any order of more than 8cc may incur additional insurance fee.

Product Returns:

Chara Biologics does NOT accept any product returns.